Project Mission

The primary objective of Boeing Experimental Flight (BEF) is to provide an increased understanding of aircraft design and how it is affected by the challenges of green flight. BEF shall research, design, and test different aspects of an aircraft’s performance compared to current industry standards. Performing this type of research and development shall impart the future engineers with a stronger background in aircraft performance and design for the next generation of aircraft.

The first goal for Boeing Experimental Flight this semester is to continue performing test flights using our AL-37 control aircraft. The second goal is to further document this data similarly to previous semesters. The third goal is to finalize and begin CAD design/testing of a new wing configuration. The last goal is to begin manufacturing this new wing configuration for use in the following semester.

Team Breakdown


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Aircraft Performance Team


Latest blogs

4/26/22: Rate-of-Climb Pressure Flight Test
April 25, 2022
The team conducted its second test flight for the semester on 4/29. The focus for this flight was gathering pressure data using the pitot tube installed on the ...
4/9/2022: Test Flight of Pixhawk Implementation and Energy Consumption
April 9, 2022
The team conducted the first test flight of the semester on Saturday, April 9th, utilizing the AL37 aircraft. The goal was to conduct a test flight with the...
Two Aircrafts- Freewing AL37 VS BEF Truss-Braced Wing Model I
December 3, 2021
Freewing AL37 Control Aircraft VS BEF's carbon fiber model VS BEF's future modified AL37.        
Final Project Presentation – Fall 2021
December 3, 2021
Final Presentation for Fall 2021.