The spring 2021 semester capped off with the fully assembled truss-braced wing aircraft making its first flight at Central Iowa Aeromodelers outside Ames. The aircraft’s engines and flight control unit operated as intended, and the plane was about to lift off when the landing gear failed. The Build Team designed the landing gear to be the component that fails first so that the aircraft would not be significantly damaged. Still, the flight test provided valuable insight for the teams on how to improve the plane. We also found that the aircraft was difficult to disassemble for transportation, which is troublesome for a modular testbed. Professor Matthew Nelson also observed that the control surfaces were insufficient, and we should redesign the empennage. BEF is now redesigning the landing gear and empennage, incorporating other suggestions from faculty, and rewiring the electronics to make the aircraft easier to transport. We expect that BEF will be able to conduct its second flight in October.