The purpose of Boeing Experimental Flight is to determine, through research & testing, the viability of new technologies that will aid in the future development of electric aircraft.

This semester, BEF will finish implementing the Pixhawk into the AL37 aircraft, conduct Star-CCM analysis of new airfoils for the truss-braced wings, and determine and fix energy consumption and/or capacity issues faced last semester. BEF will conduct at minimum two flights this semester; the first based on measuring energy consumption, and the second utilizing the installed pitot tube to gather pressure and performance data. BEF will also create a post-flight report with a discussion and analysis of the data gathered from the flights, as well as what can be improved on. The team will also be beginning to re-investigate the truss-braced wing aircraft and beginning working out a plan to fix issues faced in previous semesters in anticipation of the manufacturing of new wings utilizing a new airfoil.