The Tech Team’s goals for the Fall 2021 semester were to prepare the Pixhawk 4 for flight with the new AL37 aircraft, continue with the parametric sizing code from previous semesters, research future wing configurations, and optimize wiring and electronics systems for the carbon-fiber truss-braced aircraft.

The team’s goals for this semester are to finish integrating the Pixhawk to the AL37 aircraft, investigate the issue of energy consumption from the previous flight, and conduct post-flight data analysis with QGroundControl and MATLAB code. The team will also work with the Build/Development Team to determine a new airfoil for the truss wings. The team will also begin re-investigating the carbon fiber truss-braced aircraft, as we ll as readying a UMX Aero Commander the project ordered around 2019 for flight training use. The semester will end off with a post-flight report detailing and discussing the data analysis results.

Tech Team members consist of the team leader Jacob Carlson and members Moksh Jani, Bryce Kari, Sanketh Narmnada, Brandon Reyes, & Matthew Webb.

4/29 Update: End of Semester Recap:

The Tech Team was tasked with improving the electronics setup of the aircraft over the semester. One change is the modification of the electronics setup to allow more connections to the power distribution board, which enabled the landing gear to be fully operational for flight tests. Another change is the implementation of a system to monitor battery levels and GPS data in-flight, utilizing the Pixhawk 4. This enabled the project to visualize data such as the discharge rate to better understand discovered issues with the battery. The positioning data allowed the group to further understand the behavior of the aircraft during flight, which will assist the group with future flight tests. The team also finished the installation of a pitot tube to gather pressure data. This allowed the team to gather further information about the aircraft that had not been recorded, such as airspeed and enables the group to conduct flight tests to gather different forms of data. The team also developed a flight report template and discovered means to read files from the flight control unit to better process the data.