This semester, BEF will be working on a variety of tasks and providing various deliverables throughout the semester. These have been divided into milestones. These include:

Milestone 1: Energy Consumption Flight

  • Tech Team re-evaluating the existing battery system for the AL37 and determining if a second battery should be implemented to fix issues from last semester.
  • Finishing configuring the Pixhawk for the AL37 aircraft.
  • Conducting the project’s third flight and second flight with the AL37.
  • Gathering data and graphs from the QGroundControl software based on energy consumption.
  • Compiling the energy consumption results and post-flight analysis into a post-flight report.

Milestone 2: Pressure & Performance Data Flight

  • Finishing installation of a pitot tube and utilizing it with the Pixhawk.
  • Conducting the second flight of the semester.
  • Gathering pressure, altitude, & GPS data with the Pixhawk & QGroundControl.
  • Conducting data analysis and compiling the results and discussion into the post-flight report.

Milestone 3: Analysis & Selection of New Truss-Braced Wing Airfoil

  • Creating CAD model of AL37 aircraft
  • Creating wings using airfoils researched last semester (YS-930-il & NACA-4415-il) and implement to AL37 fuselage
  • Conducting Star-CCM analysis of airfoils
  • Documenting results into a post-analysis result and select new airfoil for truss-braced wings

Milestone 4: Symposium

  • Milestones 1-3 accomplished

An additional milestone that could be added depending on the time remaining in the semester after milestones 1 through 3 would be to begin re-investigating the carbon fiber aircraft and document every issue the aircraft has, and how the team in future semesters may handle those issues using what we’ve learned from the AL37.