Top row (left to right): Tyler Chandler, Jacob Carlson, Nicolas Oneto, Matthew Webb, Gabriel Ortiz

Bottom row (left to right): Brandon Reyes, Moksh Jani, Khanh Hoang, Sanketh Narmnada, Jovanni Balley, Bryce Kari

Not Pictured: Ryan Rouleau


The organization of the project is shown below. Boeing Experimental Flight consists of two teams that are broken up into subteams based on tasks.


Members of Boeing Experimental Flight:

  • Jovanni Balley
  • Jacob Carlson
  • Tyler Chandler
  • Khanh Hoang
  • Moksh Jani
  • Bryce Kari
  • Sanketh Narmnada
  • Nicolas Oneto
  • Gabriel Ortiz
  • Brandon Reyes
  • Ryan Rouleau
  • Matthew Webb