MAVRIC’s Science Team is responsible for preparing our rover for the soil collection and science tasks of CIRC 2020. This involves the design, manufacturing, and development of a science rig that will be able to collect top soil samples for testing, and complete the soil drilling tasks provided by CIRC.


Our team members this semester are:

  • Austin Schmitz (Team Lead)
  • Colton Marshall
  • Fan Kong
  • Franz Hurd
  • Reid Miller
  • Yi Khor

Project Update Fall 2019 Semester:

This semester the science team is designing a soil collection system for the soil sampling tasks assigned by the Canadian International Rover Competition (CIRC). Due to the competition tasks not being released yet, we are currently designing a system around the tasks for CIRC 2019. We are fairly certain, based off of patterns from previous years tasks, that we will have to complete both a surface soil collection and testing task, and a task that requires drilling to a specific depth.

The science team has also began design on the mounting system for our soil sampling rig. This we believe can be designed while we are waiting for the competition tasks to come out. Similar to the previous years, the science team’s rig will use a main linear actuator for the vertical movement of our system, however this year we plan to improve on this design with increased system sturdiness and mobility. We are currently designing a method of increasing the ground clearance of the soil collection system while keeping it relatively compact.

Science rig mount from last year


Science Team’s goals for the Fall 2019 semester are:

  • Create a full SolidWorks model of the soil collection system(s)
  • Create a full SolidWorks model of the soil collection mount
  • Discuss manufacturing methods for the components of our system

The Science team stretch goals are:

  • Begin the production of the soil collection system mount
  • Begin prototyping the soil collection system
  • Start initial testing of soil samples (if required by the CIRC tasks)



Milestone 1: Create a complete SolidWorks model of the soil collection system and mount

  • Research soil, augers, and other aspects and solutions to the CIRC tasks
  • Design a soil collection system and mount
  • Choose certain integral parts to the science system
  • Model all parts of the system in SoildWorks

Progress Made in the Fall 2019 Semester

So far we have progressed in the research of soil, augers, linear actuators, and top soil collection methods. The science team has also began with the design of the mount and its increased mobility.

Looking Forward

In the coming weeks the science team plans to start the SolidWorks modeling process of the science rig. Once we receive the competition tasks from CIRC we will also start the definitive design process of the soil collection system and be able to being research of any tests that will need to be applied to samples.