The Idea
The Idea
  We are a Mars rover team. ¬†Every year we compete in the University Rover Challenge, an international competition which takes place at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Our main goal is to create a rover capable of operating reliably during the competition and allow team members to learn critical engineering skills during the design and construction of the rover.

4 Tasks

Autonomous Traversal

Extreme Retrieval and Delivery

Science Sample Task

Equipment Servicing

Our Teams

Systems Team
The Systems Team is tasked to manufacture and install all electrical circuitry and assemblies, as we...
Mechanical Team
The MAVRIC Mechanical Team is responsible for the design, testing, and manufacturing of all mechanic...
Science Team
MAVRIC's Science Team is responsible for preparing the Phoenix rover for the Science Mission portion...
Strategy Team
Our Strategy Team has three main tasks. The first one is figuring out how we can get the most amount...


Jensen Mayes, Nick Kilzer
Project lead, Gage Lochner
Our Advisor, Matt Nelson
Shivam Vashi, Kyle Helvie

Some statistics

Lines of Code
Team Members
Competition length (in days)


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Contact Us

  • Contact us on the detail given below

  • Address: 0620 Howe Hall Ames, IA
  • Phone: +630 632 2345
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  • Website: You're on it!