The Mars Analog Vehicle for Robotic Inspection and Construction (MAVRIC) project is a part of the Make to Innovate (M:2:I) program of the Aerospace Engineering Department at Iowa State University. M:2:I provides students of all majors practical, hands-on engineering experience that they won’t typically receive during classes and is focused on getting students prepared for working in industry. You can learn more about M:2:I and the other projects involved by going to their website:

MAVRIC is one of the founding members of M:2:I and has gone through many iterations through the years. The most recent iteration, Phoenix 1.0, was finished in Spring 2019 and can be seen below. Starting Fall 2019, we will begin working on Phoenix 2.0 with the hopes of completing it by summer. We are a multidisciplinary team consisting of aerospace, computer, electrical, mechanical, and software engineers. In the past we have competed in the University Rover Challenge held in Hanksville, Utah, but we are now shifting our focus to the Canadian International Rover Challenge in Drumheller, Canada.



Former project lead Gage Lochner explains the rover to children during an outreach event at Fellows Elementary School in Ames, Iowa.