Progress Update: End of Semester


HABET has made a lot of progress this semester in various ways. The biggest difficulty was inventorying everything which HABET has a very large amount of parts and components from previous launches, as well as microcontrollers for various uses for launches. We managed to have three launches this semester, 1 of which was a simulated practice run, the other 2 being actual launches we would run out and recover. Our most recent payload got stuck incredibly high in a tree and has yet to be obtained, but it will be this weekend. Our biggest achievement was having a 1-week turnaround timing for launches. This is a huge achievement, as it shows that it is possible for us to launch back-to-back if needed.

Within the coming weeks, we will be launching packets of yeast for a company that wants to make “space beer”; the payload for this mission has been finalized, and we plan to give them much more than what they asked for so they have plenty of space beer to make.

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