Current Launch Schedule

The following list summarizes our most recent missions. For detailed information on each of these missions see the following document: habetmissionspost-2006. For Missions prior to 2006 refer to the following document: habetmissionspre-2006. For detailed information on upcoming flights visit our current projects page. 

Flight LX-150-A
Status: Completed
Launch Date: 2/16/19
Synopsis: Flight LX-150-A was designed to test the new LoRa boards and give experience to HABET’s members, most of which have not been a part of a full flight yet.

Flight LX-150-B
Status:  Planned
Launch Date: 3/9/19
Flight LX-150-B will continue testing of the LoRa board and its capabilities, as well as give our team more experience with real flights. We also plan on including a camera to record at altitude, testing our ability to handle additional hardware in the payload.

Flight LX-150-C
Status:  Planned
Launch Date: Spring 2019
The parameters of flight LX-150-C will be determined after the conclusion of LX-150-B. It is uncertain what more testing we may need to do with the LoRa or where we will be in implementing the software we have under development.