Operations Team

Team Lead – Sanora Nelson

Team Members – Brody Echer

Picture of the Operations Team

Brody Echer (left) and Sanora Nelson (right)

Operations Goal

The Operations team’s primary goal is to prepare up-to-date documentation for future members of HABET and to improve launch day operations by upgrading equipment in mission control.


  • Wiki on all things HABET:  HABET Github Wiki
  • Created templates for flight readiness reviews
  • Remodeled penthouse server cabinet
  • Coordinated handouts and training for UHF radios to be used during a launch.

Milestones and Goals:

  • Training Launch (Mission: LX-164-A)
    • Communications went smoothly
    • Recorded on-the-fly notes during launch day on what the teams needed to improve and which readiness reviews needed to be edited
  • Readiness Reviews (see timeline below):
    • Created readiness reviews for each checkpoint – Flight Readiness Review (FRR), Engineering Readiness Review (ERR), and Launch Readiness Review (LRR)
    • Revised each readiness review using knowledge found during launch day and through review sessions with project leadership.
    • Created colorful templates with simplified, but thorough formats to be used in future semesters.
Readiness Review Timeline: Announcement - FRR - ERR - LRR - Launch

HABET Flight Timeline


End of Semester Report

  • Flights Completed as of 4/14/2023 – Training Mission LX-164-A
  • HABET Wiki completion – 30%
  • Readiness Reviews – revised four times