Project Goals


Mission Statement

HABET’s mission is to provide a platform for students, professors, and other interested third parties to perform experimentation and design work that would require a high-altitude balloon system.

HABET has, unfortunately, fallen out of flight readiness in recent years. The milestones for this semester reflect our efforts to return to flight readiness. We hope to build a renewed HABET upon the framework from years past and restore HABET’s status as a reliable high-altitude launch service run by skilled and dedicated students.

Engineering Team Objective

Milestone: Engineering Team is spending this semester developing and testing the LoRa system for transmitting payload location data, and implementing our own software for predicting and tracking balloons.

Science Team Objective

Milestone: With the changes to the payload hardware standards being made, Science Team will spend this semester working closely with Engineering Team in order to learn about the systems. By the end of the semester, they should have a sufficient understanding to begin work on an internal research mission.

Operations Team Objective

Milestone : Operations Team will spend this semester working on the checklists and flight documentation that are integral to the longevity of HABET as a program. They will also look into implementing these checklists and documents into the website being built so as to make the procedures easier and keep better records.



  • Successful test flight of LoRa (3/10/19)
  • Implementation of  website tracking (3/2/19)
  • Full integration of the website (3/23/19)


  • Proposal for research mission (4/19/19)
  • Timeline and budget for research mission (4/26/19)


  • Review and update of documentation (following each scrub or successful launch)
  • Implementation of checklists and flight records into the website (4/6/19)