Project Goals

Mission Statement

HABET’s mission is to provide a platform for students, professors, and other interested third parties to perform experimentation and design work that would require a high-altitude balloon system.

With HABET back in flight readiness, we hope to expand upon its capabilities by updating the design and systems. The milestones for this semester reflect our efforts to create an improved iteration that could serve as a baseline for future projects and expansions. We hope this new software system and module will propel HABET to new heights.

Engineering Team Objective


  • Design and test a parachute deployment system

  • Integrate Eclipse flight systems 

Operations Team Objective

  • Get all of our members trained in every part of the flight procedure

  • Launching all of our scheduled customer payloads successfully.

    • Beer Yeast flights on March 11
    • Eclipse systems testing flights on March 25th & April 1st
    • Parachute Deployment flight testing March 25th

Project Deliverables, Spring 2023


  • The Operations team will focus on updating procedures and improving documentation of procedures, designs, and systems information.

HABET Experimental Projects

  •  Improved payload design
  • Remote Balloon launching system
  • Parachute deployment system


  • Create two more BERT & HAR Tracking Systems
  • Fix our HAR Antenna
  • Convert Tracking data to google maps (Improve Recovery systems) 


  • We will complete our scheduled customer flights and a training flight this semester. The flights we must complete our Eclipse flight test flights, Beer yeast, and Experimental project flight testing