Mission LX-163-B

For this mission, we are launching a unique payload. It’s a science of sorts: space beer! ISU Brewing has reached out to us and would like us to fly some of their bags of yeast to space to make “space beer”, as the yeast will fly over 100,000ft above sea level. This payload will take a unique orientation by being built sideways. This will allow the payload to utilize our new 360-degree camera, which will show one side with one bag of yeast out on a boom for an “aesthetic” and marketing look, and another photo with 4

Spacecraft assembly

bags placed on the other side. The business had only asked for one bag, but they sent us several. Since we weren’t sure what to do with the rest, we figured we could go above and beyond and send them back 5x what they asked for.

This payload is expected to be launched in mid-March. Updates will be provided once the launch and recovery have been completed

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