Mission Analysis

Mission Analysis

Mission Analysis is responsible for application of orbital mechanics to the practical problems concerning the motion the satellite. Additionally, the team is responsible for designing the mission architecture and assessing the feasibility of comprehensive mission designs. Mission Analysis is currently simulating potential Low Earth Orbits and will also be continuing research on Lunar and NEA simulations for the future.


Team Roster

Name Year Position
Jacob Goldenberg Junior Team Lead
James Wigda Senior Member
Ross Wagener Freshman Member
Nate Wernimont Junior Member
Bryce Miles Freshman Member
Christian Alvarado-Colon Senior Member
Luke Gordon Sophomore Member

Timeline and Milestones


Milestone Due Date Deliverable Points
Mission Analysis CSLI Section Draft September 29th Written document including all Structures information for CSLI 50
Lunar STK Simulation October 25th Simulation in STK of a Lunar mission 100
Insert NEA into STK November 30th Find a way to insert a Near Earth Asteroid into STK 50
    Total Points 200






Mission ANalysis CSLI Section draft

The deliverable for Milestone 1 will be a draft document containing all Mission Analysis feasibility and merit report information, which will include degradation and access time estimates, optimal orbit characteristics, and figures of STK analysis.

Lunar STK Simulation

The deliverable for Milestone 2 will be a document showing the results from the Lunar missions simulation in STK, which will include life time and access time estimates.

INsert NEA into STK

The deliverable for Milestone 3 will be a document showcasing a NEA in STK and results from initial simulations.