Current Projects



Matthew Plewa is working on developing a website from which we can manage most of HABET’s operations, including pre-flight checklists, flight predictions, and flight tracking. This website will be a useful tool in the long-term progress of HABET.


LoRa Implementation

HABET is testing the use of LoRa (Long Range) boards to transmit our payload’s GPS data back to us for use in the software we are currently developing. This will decrease our reliance on third-party software and help recovery operations in locating the payload.


Operations Review

As HABET is rebuilding flight capabilities to sustain a future as a reliable launch service, we are revamping our pre-flight checklists and flight documentation, with the goal of eventual implementation of these into the website. With each flight, our understanding of how to improve our procedures and documentation increases. Eventually, we should reach versions of these that are both easy too use as well as very adaptable to different mission profiles.


Video from LX-150-B


Videos from LX-150-C