CySat is a Make to Innovate (M:2:I) project dedicated to giving students the ability to apply the knowledge they gain in class to a real astronautics project. Students will be exposed to team based environment with many problem solving opportunities. They must adapt to various tasks and be able to utilize the right resources in order to satisfy a given objective. Though CySat is a multidisciplinary project, students can expect a heavy emphasis on the engineering side of industry work. 

This semester, students are integrating a 3U cubesat for low Earth orbit, to be launched on the NG-12 cargo mission to the ISS in October, 2019. Deliverables for this semester include the finished hardware and firmware for the satellite, as well as all testing reports completed by the final flight-ready vibration test and hand-off.

The Team

Project Leader — Mackenzie Kilcoin

Faculty Advisor — Matthew Nelson

CySat is consistent of three main subgroups:

  • Structure & Testing
  • Electronics
  • Communications & Regulations

Links to each subsystem can be found on the top right side of the page.

Project Organizational Chart

Team Photo

Back Row: Arun Krishnan, Cameron Schuetz, Logan Anderson, Josh Gilmore, Sam Ruhlin, Samuel Hartman, Mo Reza, Srinath Kannan
Front Row: Alfin Koshy, Ola Carnahan, Luke Gordon, Mackenzie Kilcoin, Matt Paavola, Kyle Caponi, Mani Bhuma

Not Pictured: Ian Gonzalez