Mission Statement

Tempest is a Team dedicated to building a drone that is able to fly and seriously compete in the Collegiate Drone Racing Association. This semester we are focusing on winning mock races on tracks we build on campus to prove that the drone and the team are competition ready.

Project Goals

The goal of this semester is to train our pilots using simulated practice courses and fly the drone on an outside track that we build ourselves. The lap time recorded through the emulated outside track will be used to compare with competitive real CDRA teams on a similar track.

Major goals include:

  • Find a safe place to fly drone.
  • Have the drone calibrated and flight tested indoors.
  • Fly the drone through an emulated CDRA outdoor course.
  • Fly the drone through recreated CDRA championship course.


Project Deliverables:

  • Build a drone operated using a commercial flight controller to fly a mock course (given by the CDRA) as fast or faster than the current competitors based on times released by the CDRA.
  • Design and build a similar CDRA course close to ISU campus.
  • FPV video record and document the timed race performed through the created CDRA course.

Project Updates and Milestone Progress

We have a successfully flying drone that is able to fly both acro and gyro modes without internal error. This drone was able to hover for 5 minutes in the howe atrium while transmitting live video feed without interruption, showing that the battery and system endurance is up to race level. We were also able to execute complex maneuvers such as a standing start flip which shows that the drone is able to fly through competition-ready courses. We plan to go outdoors and fly through our set-up gates on the week of April 17th.

Meet the team

From left to right: Kaitlyn Ziegler, Jacob Baun, Bradley Nordwall, Kishan Patel, Issac Arp, Ian Luedke


Project lead: Kishan Patel

Technical Advisor: Luke Schaeckenbach

Project Organization

Live Flight Tests