About Us: Rocket Assisted Free-Fall is a project under the Make to Innovate Class here at Iowa State. RAFF aims to provide a service to customers and research projects by sending a payload up in our rocket and simulating zero-gravity on the way down. The project was created in 2019 and is led by a team of students from multiple majors.

Team Members: Annabelle Behrens, William Cashen, Sam Cvikota, Jason Duffy, Jackson Ferguson, Xilong Ke, Joe Kramer, Dylan McGrath, Bradley Nordwall, Kaya Parsons, Dillon Romans, Yemurai Tavaziva, and Caitlyn Todesco 

Industry Advisor: Alexis Moreno

Teachers Assistant: David Kendhammer

Project Lead: William Cashen

Junior in Aerospace Engineering

“I’m excited to start physically working on the rocket again. It has been a while since seeing something big come to fruition so this will be a nice refresher. I’m also excited to see everyone else on the team come in with passion and excitement again.”

Payload Team Lead: Kaya Parsons

Senior in Aerospace Engineering

“I’m excited for my new opportunity as the Payload Team Lead. I really want to create a space where my teammates can be creative while learning and gaining experience at the same time.”

Rocket Team Lead: Jackson Ferguson

Junior in Aerospace Engineering

“I am excited to get the opportunity to work with a great team aimed towards accomplishing our mission of a successful RAFF launch.”

Payload Team: Annabelle Behrens

Junior in Aerospace Engineering

 “I am beyond excited to see what RAFF will achieve in this upcoming year, and I will do my best to help the team as much as I can! 

Rocket Team: Sam Cvikota

Senior in Aerospace Engineering

I’m excited to apply the things I know to a large-scale project.”  

Rocket Team: Jason Duffy

Junior in Aerospace Engineering

“My main interest in RAFF lies full part in the experimental drogue chute system design and the craft’s potential to service research-driven customers by providing economical and reliable microgravity environments to variable customer payloads.”

Payload Team: Xilong Ke

Senior in Material Engineering

“RAFF is an inclusive and active team. People are passionate about solving real-life problems and helping each other.”

Rocket Team: Joe Kramer

Junior in Aerospace Engineering

“I am excited to help build the rocket this semester. I am also excited to work with my teammates.

Rocket Team: Dylan McGrath

Sophomore in Aerospace Engineering

“Rockets are cool, and RAFF allows me to be involved in many of the processes that go into designing and building a rocket.”

Rocket Team: Bradley Nordwall

Freshman in Aerospace Engineering

I am excited to get some hands-on experience while working with and constructing our rocket.” 

Payload Team: Dillon Romans

Super Senior in Aerospace Engineering

“I want to see our rocket fly high, operate perfectly, and land safely intact so we can get it back.”

Rocket Team: Yemurai Tavaziva

Freshman in Aerospace Engineering 

“I am excited to see the final build of our rocket after the months of collaborative effort we will put into it this semester.”

Payload Team: Caitlyn Todesco

Sophomore in Aerospace Engineering

“I am excited to be a part of RAFF in the payload team. Working to build and test our rocket will be a very new and unique learning experience!”