The Major Milestones of this semester will be…

*Tasks for each are below the Milestone

  1. The design and testing of the drogue retention system
    • Brainstorming of designs
    • Material Research and Cost
    • Fabrication of two designs
    • CO2 test of the design to ensure parachute deployment
    • Thermal test of the two designs
    • CO2 canister test of the heated designs to simulate passing the blowback test
    • Continually work on Documentation for the designs
  2. The payload acrylic bay/foam bay redesign
    • Brainstorming of Foam design
    • Optimization of the Acrylic Design
    • CAD Models of each design
    • Outreach to potential shops for CNC’ing a rounded shape of Blue Foam
    • Fabrication of both designs
    • Continually work on Documentation for the designs
  3. Complete rebuild of payload rail guides and pins
    • Send in job requests for 3D prints
    • Work with Boy’d to fabricate new steel pins
  4. A subscale launch
    • Effectively scale down the designs of the drogue retention
    • Complete build of subscale body
    • Document launch day checklists
  5. The Make to Innovate Expo at the end of the semester. There we will be able to show off all of our deliverables and market ourselves for the spring.
    • Compile the progress and presentations from the year
    • Present our deliverables and experience