Our Strategy Team has three main tasks. The first one is figuring out how we can get the most amount of points possible by competition date. The second is making sure we do not get disqualified for breaking any of the rules. The third is looking to make the rover better for competition.

Getting the most amount of points

With no point totals listed on the rules, we are instead looking at the easiest tasks to accomplish between now and the competition date. With the arm completed and the work being done on the autonomy project, we are going to focus on those two tasks more the science task.

Making sure we do not get disqualified

We have a rule analysis spreadsheet setup that gives an overview of all the rules, as well as color codes each specific task a team leader should note. We also have tests thought out once we get closer to the competition date.

Small section of requirement matrix

Making the Rover Better

Our first priority to make the rover better for competition is to reduce the weight on it. This will help it get under the weight limit. Currently we are redesigning the wheels in order to make them lighter. We are looking into two main designs, one carbon fiber wheel and one wire mesh wheel.

Our two current wheel redesigns