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Eagle Eye’s goal is to make a proof of concept vehicle that can operate in Martian atmosphere while still being fairly simple to operate and relatively cheap to produce. Our end goal is for this project to be used by a space organization either commercial or federal to assist in spatial body exploration.

Eagle Eye Leadership:
Project Lead Project Advisor
Ryan Whitener Dr. Kim and Matthew Nelson
Eagle Eye Team leads:
Eagle Eye Sub-Team Team Lead
Flight Systems Robert Zartman
Design Zach Koehler
Fabrication Chris Kosirowski



To build an airborne vehicle that can assist in planetary exploration of Mars where traditional rovers or humans cannot go.


Midterm Executive Summary MidtermSummary
Final Executive Summary FinalSummaryFinalCopy

Final Design ReviewFinal Design Review
Final Midterm ReviewMidterm Design Review

Spring 2019 Flight Systems Progress
Spring 2019 Design Progress
Spring 2019 Fabrication Progress

Eagle Eye Teams

Flight Systems Team

Design Team

Fabrication Team

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About Us
Eagle Eye’s goal is to make a proof of concept airship that can operate in the Martian atmosphere wh
Flight Systems Team
The Flight Systems Team is focused on the development and testing of the avionics components; this i
Design Team
The Design team is tasked with the responsibility of completing theoretical design of the vehicle. T...
Fabrication Team
The Fabrication Team is tasked with the fabrication and assembly of the Eagle Eye vehicle. This incl...
Project Organization
Eagle Eye is split in to three main sub-teams, Flight Systems, Mechanical Design, and Mechanical Fab...
Project Goals
This semester Eagle Eye will be working toward finalizing the construction of our prototype airship....


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  • Iowa State University: Department of Aerospace Engineering
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  • www.m2i.aere.iastate.edu/eagleeye/