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Our Team


Finish building our micro-scale wind turbine and complete a cost of energy analysis of our wind farm site for the 2019 Collegiate Wind Competition.

For the competition, we will:

– Have a working micro-scale wind turbine dictated by the Rules and Requirements of the competition

–  Redesign our wind farm site and complete a cost of energy analysis

– Do outreach and use social media.

Project Lead – David Jordan

Principal Investigator – Dr. Sritharan

Advisers – Nick David and Mat Wymore

Turbine Team

Thomas Polzin – Team Lead

Sam Fletcher

Luis Arce

Colin Wendt

Jorge Gomez

Aerodynamics Team

Cody Hornyak – Team Lead

Brian Caskey

Kathryn Paszkiewicz

Joseph Nyakamwe

Electrical Team

Julia Zhang – Team Lead

Joseph Paffrath

Hieu Nguyen

Abdel Rahman Mannan

Dylan Miley