The payload consists of a software-defined radio (SDR) based radiometer that will be able to passively scan the earth’s surface and record soil moisture. This specific payload was chosen because it is applicable to future CySat missions – where the team hopes to scan near-earth objects for possible valuable materials – and because this system is both attainable and challenging. Those working with the payload will lead the scientific justification, acquisition and development of mission specific instrumentation.

Team Roster

  • All hardware tasks for the Payload is currently handled by the Electronics Team (See Electrical for more info).
  • All software tasks for the Payload is currently handled by a team of Computer Engineering Seniors, lead by Professor Phillip Jones, assisting CySat for their senior design project.  Team members include:
    • Jared Danner
    • Brian Bradford
    • Leo Freier

Current State

The assisting Computer Engineering Seniors are currently working on completing the software design for the CySat-1 payload. After this, all payload boards and the payload antenna will be fabricated and integrated into the satellite.