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Team Lead
Tyler Mains
Team Members
Garrett Maakestad
Garrett McCrea
Matthew Kreul
Joseph Weikert
Alexander Kogut


The build/test team seeks to explore the schematics of control surfaces and electronics of RC aircraft. The team purchased an RC plane in order to investigate the electronics integration and place the lithium-sulfur battery into a stable flight system when they test it. We are researching the best possible foam for the new wing designs to test on the RC plane. After ordering the foam we will cut out the wing designs created from the aircraft design team and test them on the RC plane. 


Progress: We were able to successfully accomplish our first milestone of RC plane testing and foam research. We have base values of thrust and weight capable of flying. We have printed and constructed the swept wing (figure 1) but because of a time constraint, we could not construct the box wing. We tried to conduct wind tunnel testing but we had hardware complications (figure 2).

Reflections: We have learned to expect the unexpected. When trying to accomplish anything, always try early. The earlier you start the earlier you can overcome any problems that may arise. we were already pressed for time but when our PCI board fried (figure 2) we knew we could not conduct the wind tunnel test.

Future work: Early next semester we will cut out the box wing and conduct wind tunnel testing. Testing the RC wing and comparing them to the swept and box wings.