The Build Team started the spring 2021 semester by manufacturing truss-braced wings made from the Tech Team in previous semesters. The team laid up the wings with carbon fiber. The team designed and engineered a landing gear that meets the modular theme of the aircraft. The Build Team utilized ANSYS Static Structural to analyze the forces acting on the landing gear. They also began work on a cantilever wing based on the wings of the Boeing 737 MAX. This wing would be used to act as a control to compare flight data with the truss-braced wing. The team worked with Tech Team in assembling the aircraft and got the necessary licensures for flight.

The team is now engineering a new iteration of the landing gear, implementing a bay door for easier electrics management, and preparing the cantilever wing for manufacturing. The team is also looking into new material and manufacturing options for current and upcoming components, such as using aluminum for the landing gear. The team will be working in the composites lab throughout the semester to create the bay door and flap placement for the truss-braced wings.

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