Team Photo (From Left):

Robert Schorr (Team Lead), Drake Stuesse, Jarod Gill, Joshua King

Michala Ouverson (not pictured)

The Aircraft Design Team will look into the optimization of non-conventional wings such as closed wings and truss-braced wings. Wings will be optimized using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations using the Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations and a turbulence model using STAR-CCM+, as well as structural modeling with finite element analysis (FEA) with ABAQUS. After multiple iterations are run, the results will be compared and wing selection will be finalized. The optimized wing will then be fabricated and run through wind tunnel testing for further analysis. The Aircraft Design Team has been able to produce data on a potential design for our sandwich material in our composite plys for our wings using a 3-D printed 7075-t6 aluminum’s numbers.  The team will continue to develop the sandwich material and look into different configurations of the sandwich material and the possible benefits to the strength of the different structures.

Over the semester, we have learned new information on the design of aircraft that are fully electric.  We desire to attempt to push ourselves in better methods of performing the analysis and try to produce better research.  We will continue to develop new ideas on the details that are important to gain an understanding of the design details associated with the development of a fully electric aircraft.  Moreover, we will continue to build our team’s ability to push deadlines and better provide for accelerated design concepts associated with the project. Finally, we hope to develop our team as effective engineers capable of all types of analysis through training and the spreading of ideas.  With the turn over of the team’s leadership due to graduation, the team has been building its team members to be capable of taking over leadership and providing perspective directions for the team to travel.  This is in the form of training and in the form of a transfer of knowledge on the history of the project, including all data collected over the years.

Above is the Gantt chart describing the work completed by the team during the course of the semester of spring 2019

Above is the sandwich material in Ansys with load forces applied at the critical load limit for that structure.