A Iowa State University M:2:I Project

ISU AIAA Design/Build/Fly

Mission Statement

Our mission is to design, build, and fly a highly competitive aircraft that will compete in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Design/Build/Fly (AIAA DBF) Competition in order to enhance our engineering knowledge, skills, and understanding. The main objective for this year’s team is to design an aircraft capable of fully completing each of the missions at the AIAA DBF competition this coming April, in Tucson, Arizona.

The Competition

The AIAA DBF competition is an annual aircraft design competition open to all university students. Each year students are tasked with designing, building, and flying unmanned, electric powered, remote control aircraft. These aircraft are required to meet unique and very specific design requirements and mission profiles. Each year the missions change forcing teams to come up with completely new aircraft year after year. More information on the the competition itself can be found on the AIAA DBF website.

Project Overview 

In an effort to take engineering principles away from textbooks and put them into practice, the AIAA hosts a Design Build Fly (DBF) competition yearly to provide a unique experience for students to encounter engineering in a dynamic, real world setting. We, the Iowa State University DBF Team, exist to compete in the AIAA DBF competition, putting our skills and knowledge into practice in an effort to become competitive and exceptional engineers. Throughout the year, our group will work to design an aircraft made within the standards and rules set by the AIAA DBF Competition. Throughout this process, we will be evaluating mission requirements, developing aerodynamic flight models, analyzing structural design, constructing CAD models, and competing with our aircraft. The ultimate goal of this project is to go to the AIAA DBF competition. This includes a project proposal due on October 31st, a Design Report due February 22nd , and the competition itself from April 11th to April 14th.