The Nano Drone Project is a new team creating novel solutions for the miniaturization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Nano drones can be used for indoor urban surveillance, search and rescue, first responder situations, and extraterrestrial exploration. Propulsion and control improvements are necessary for these extended use, however, requiring new ideas for advancements. The Nano Drone Project hopes to facilitate these improvements by creating an intercollegiate competition focusing on designing and creating nano-size (< 10 cm cube) drones.


Work began in Summer 2021 with research into modern small-scale drones. This research culminated in a white paper outlining the power, control, propulsion, and potential improvements of commercial and research drones.


The Fall 2021 semester is being used to create a preliminary nano-drone design, improve competition ideas, and outreach for M2I through the M2I Challenge. The Spring 2022 semester will be used to recruit investors into the Nano Drone Competition and build and test our drone.


Interested in joining? Reach out to the project manager at